[ejabberd] External authentication randomly fails in 2.1.1

Erkki-T. Peura etpeura at gmail.com
Fri Jan 15 09:08:10 MSK 2010


I would like to get some pointers/help to further troubleshoot
external authentication problem we have in ejabberd 2.1.1
Normally script works just fine but sometimes undependent from client
used (Pidgin, Psi etc.) external authentication
fails. If user just retries, authentication is ok so user credentials
or such are not an issue here.

Strange thing is that script doing authentication claims to return 1
but ejabberd log shows 0:

authentication script log:
Jan 14 10:09:58 machine auth.pl[31756]: request: auth
Jan 14 10:09:58 machine auth.pl[31756]: user at domain.tld: auth ok
Jan 14 10:09:58 machine auth.pl[31756]: user at domain.tld: returning 1

ejabberd log:

=INFO REPORT==== 2010-01-14 10:09:58 ===
D(<0.269.0>:extauth:73) : extauth call '["auth","user","domain.tld",
                                         "password"]' received data response:

=INFO REPORT==== 2010-01-14 10:09:58 ===
I(<0.17506.0>:ejabberd_c2s:584) : ({socket_state,tls,{tlssock,#Port<0.11393>,#Po
rt<0.11395>},<0.17505.0>}) Failed authentication for user at domain.tld

Here's part of perl script that returns result:

syslog(LOG_DEBUG,"$jid: returning $result");
my $out = pack "nn",2,$result;
syswrite STDOUT,$out;

It's not a load issue, there's under <10 users

More logs available at http://pastebin.com/m180a5d1d, versions
ejabberd 2.1.1, perl 5.8.8

Authentication config:
{auth_method, [external, internal]}.
{extauth_program, "/usr/bin/perl /opt/ejabberd/addons/auth/auth.pl"}.

    - etp -

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