[ejabberd] Replication & revision protocol

Liam ejabberd at networkimprov.net
Tue Jan 19 00:41:15 MSK 2010

I'm building an app which replicates collections of data objects among
groups of contributors/subscribers.

I use XMPP for transport & store-forward, and I've built a simple
replication & revision system on top of PubSub.

I'm considering open sourcing this code and documenting the protocol.
(Source is javascript requiring Strophe.) Creating a separate package for
this would entail some work, so I'd like to gauge potential interest...

My replication & revision system does the following:

Establishes pubsub nodes for shared collections
Reliably transmits (reliable requires IQ Notifications):
  - invitations to join a collection
  - invitation acceptances
  - collection copies to new members
  - resignations from a collection
  - revisions to a collection, containing:
    a) list of revised objects
    b) diffs for added/modified objects
      format is app-specific; common diff types may be specified

Obviously, it's very lightweight -- 5 message types (so far). It's not
focused on real-time apps per se, but could be applied thereto.

Also, I'd love pointers to other forums where folks could be interested...

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