[ejabberd] Pubsub: item not found

Badlop badlop at gmail.com
Thu Jan 21 14:32:29 MSK 2010

2010/1/21 Vincent Courcelle <vincent.courcelle at gmail.com>:
> I'm using Debian SID, ejabberd Version: 2.1.2-1 (installed via aptitude)

Strange, because:

Package: ejabberd (2.1.1-1 and others)

> I've a new problem now, anonymous subscription aren't removed at user
> disconnection, thus causing a LOT of orphan subscriptions to be left (as
> almost every page views creates an anonymous connection + a subscription).
> The bug is known and described here with a fix, but I've no idea where to
> put the line : https://support.process-one.net/browse/EJAB-913

EJAB-913 says the patch was applied in ejabberd 2.1.0.
Concretely in SVN r2059, 2009-05-07.

Somebody should check if the problem is fixed right now (in 2.1.2) or not.


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