[ejabberd] shared roster groups with external authentication

loxs loxs.loxs at gmail.com
Fri Jan 22 10:33:49 MSK 2010

Hello List,

We have installed ejabberd at the company I work for.

1. I know that there is mod_shared_roster, but it seems to be quite
simplistic in functionality.
Previously we used a proprietary IM service which allowed structured
shared roster.
By "structured" here I mean that users could switch between different
ways of grouping users. One could choose to view in "location mode"
and that would show members of the company grouped by city. Or we
could view in "company structure" mode and we could see company
members grouped by company departments.
Is there some way to achieve such a thing with ejabberd? It's not
strictly necessary that we have the functionality to "Switch views" (I
know clients don't support this).
But it would be acceptable if we could have lots of groups (and one
user belongs to more than one).

2. As far as I know, mod_shared_roster only works with "internal
authentication". We can't use this as we have a custom single sign-on
solution implemented by ourselves. So I guess we can't use mod shared

But could we generate some kind of custom roster (we'll worry about it
being up to date) in say xml format and then feed it somehow to
ejabberd, which then would serve it to users when they login? We could
do this regularly via cron etc. Is such a thing possible?

We are all still not very familiar with ejabberd. Sorry if I am asking
one of those questions that appear every week on the mailing list. I
can't find anything that can solve our problem so far.
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