[ejabberd] shared roster groups with external authentication

Kirk Bateman kirk.bateman at gmail.com
Fri Jan 22 12:46:10 MSK 2010

Having re-read some of the xeps, I can see nothing to stop a users jid  
from being in multiple roster groups. Really I suppose it's just down  
to the client displaying the roster sensibly in such a situation.

As for shared roster groups, I think it would require some development  
effort, but you could do something like using ldap to store group  
information I think, which would then just mean some development of a  
new mod_shared_roster to lookup things in ldap I guess (note I'm not  
very clued up with ldap as I don't use it)

Hope that is helpful info.



On 22 Jan 2010, at 07:33, loxs <loxs.loxs at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello List,
> We have installed ejabberd at the company I work for.
> 1. I know that there is mod_shared_roster, but it seems to be quite
> simplistic in functionality.
> Previously we used a proprietary IM service which allowed structured
> shared roster.
> By "structured" here I mean that users could switch between different
> ways of grouping users. One could choose to view in "location mode"
> and that would show members of the company grouped by city. Or we
> could view in "company structure" mode and we could see company
> members grouped by company departments.
> Is there some way to achieve such a thing with ejabberd? It's not
> strictly necessary that we have the functionality to "Switch views" (I
> know clients don't support this).
> But it would be acceptable if we could have lots of groups (and one
> user belongs to more than one).
> 2. As far as I know, mod_shared_roster only works with "internal
> authentication". We can't use this as we have a custom single sign-on
> solution implemented by ourselves. So I guess we can't use mod shared
> roster.
> But could we generate some kind of custom roster (we'll worry about it
> being up to date) in say xml format and then feed it somehow to
> ejabberd, which then would serve it to users when they login? We could
> do this regularly via cron etc. Is such a thing possible?
> We are all still not very familiar with ejabberd. Sorry if I am asking
> one of those questions that appear every week on the mailing list. I
> can't find anything that can solve our problem so far.
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