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Christina Arsenault ca_arsenault at yahoo.com
Fri Jan 22 22:12:55 MSK 2010


Thanks everyone, this list is very helpful.  I really have done my due diligence on this one, but am stumped.  I have inherited a production ejabberd server that I can not connect to with ejabberdctl!  It is driving me crazy.  I am trying to connect locally as the same user that is running ejabberd, root.  Is this a cookie issue?  Ejabberd is started upon reboot via a startup script in rc directories "/opt/ejabberd-2.0.5/ejabberdctl start",  this works fine.  (Could it be because I am su'ing to root instead of logging in as
root?  That shouldn't matter, right?) Thanks in advance!!!! :)

> ps -ef | grep ejab

root      5144     1  0 Jan21 ?        00:00:00 /opt/ejabberd-2.0.5/bin/epmd -daemon
root      5146     1  1 Jan21 ?        00:16:58 /opt/ejabberd-2.0.5/bin/beam.smp -K true -P 250000 -- -root /opt/ejabberd-2.0.5 -progname /opt/ejabberd-2.0.5/bin/erl -- -home / -sname ejabberd at localhost -smp auto -noshell -noinput -noshell -noinput -mnesia dir "/opt/ejabberd-2.0.5/database/ejabberd at localhost" -s ejabberd -ejabberd config "/opt/ejabberd-2.0.5/conf/ejabberd.cfg" log_path "/opt/ejabberd-2.0.5/logs/ejabberd.log" -sasl sasl_error_logger {file,"/opt/ejabberd-2.0.5/logs/sasl.log"}

These are the config variables you might want to know about:

ERLANG_NODE=ejabberd at localhost
"bosh1.prod.com", [{auth_method, [internal, anonymous]},
                               {anonymous_protocol, sasl_anon}]}.
xmpp_server =

No matter what I do I get:

> ./ejabberdctl status (**** or also if I try: "ejabberdctl --node ejabberd at bosh1.fididel.com  status" I get the same thing just with the differing node name.)

RPC failed on the node ejabberd at localhost: nodedown

Commands to start an ejabberd node:
  start  Start an ejabberd node in server mode
  debug  Attach an interactive Erlang shell to a running ejabberd node
  live   Start an ejabberd node in live (interactive) mode

My ejabberd.log says:

=ERROR REPORT==== 2010-01-22 11:31:31 ===
** Connection attempt from disallowed node 'ejabberd-ctl at localhost' **

I have found at least 4 cookies:


Here is an excerpt from my logs:

=INFO REPORT==== 2010-01-21 12:28:21 ===
D(<0.1505.41>:ejabberd_router:301) : route
        from {jid,"user_580","bosh1.prod.com","EApp2","user_580",
        to {jid,[],"conference.bosh1.prod.com",[],[],
        packet {xmlelement,"iq",
                   [{"from","user_580 at bosh1.prod.com/EApp2"},

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