[ejabberd] External Component Load Balancing

Mike Mahoney mmahoney at palantirisystems.com
Tue Jan 26 08:45:09 MSK 2010

Hello All,

I would like to connect multiple instances of the same external component to
my ejabberd 2.0.5 server in order to use the built in load balancing.
However, I have noticed that one instance of a component may receive
responses to IQs that were sent from another instance. I read about the
'domain_balancing' option, but none of the criteria seem to provide for a
component always receiving responses to IQs that it sent. Since IQs are
request/response, it would seem to make sense for a component to always
receive responses to its IQs, but this doesn't seem to be the default

Is there a way to configure ejabberd to behave this way?


Mike Mahoney
xmpp: mmahoney at jabber.org

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