[ejabberd] shared roster groups with external authentication

Badlop badlop at gmail.com
Tue Jan 26 15:13:53 MSK 2010

2010/1/22 loxs <loxs.loxs at gmail.com>:
> 2. As far as I know, mod_shared_roster only works with "internal
> authentication".

>From what i know, the module generally works with any authentication
method. It is only the feature @all@ who works only with internal auth method.

> We can't use this as we have a custom single sign-on
> solution implemented by ourselves. So I guess we can't use mod shared
> roster.
> But could we generate some kind of custom roster (we'll worry about it
> being up to date) in say xml format and then feed it somehow to
> ejabberd, which then would serve it to users when they login? We could
> do this regularly via cron etc. Is such a thing possible?

You can install mod_admin_extra. It provides several commands for
ejabberdctl that may be useful for you, like push_roster_all or srg_user_add

This way you can implement the logic of adding/deleting contacts in your
prefered language, and then call the script ejabberdctl to perform the changes.

If you later notice that calling a shell script for each change is too
slow for you,
you can install also ejabberd_xmlrpc, which provides an XML-RPC server where
you can send your command queries (instead of the shell script ejabberdctl).

In case you use LDAP authentication, look at


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