[ejabberd] ejabberd high performance configuration

Karthik Kailash karthik at socialvisioninc.com
Sun Jan 31 11:13:44 MSK 2010


I want to run a load test on an ejabberd server instance, running on Ubuntu
Server 8.04.  I want to make sure I have set all the configuration options
necessary to achieve a good performance.  Here is what I have done so far:

- ulimit -n 65000
- ejabberd.cfg
	- Set log level in ejabberd.cfg to Warning or below
- Ejabberdctl.cfg
	- POLL = true (default)
	- SMP = auto (default)
	- ERL_MAX_PORTS = 96,000?
	- PROCESSES: 250,000?

Are there any other options (either in the O/S or in ejabberd) that I should


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