[ejabberd] Ejabberd unstable problem

Kirk Bateman kirk.bateman at gmail.com
Sat Jul 10 18:05:56 MSD 2010


I am using ejabberd 2.1.4 with erlang R13B4 on ubuntu 10.04 and apache with strophe on another ubuntu 10.04 machine, both these machines are pretty low spec and have other services running on them. I have absolutely no problems at all with bosh connections.

I would suggest looking at ijab, as I'm sure I saw posts about ijab ejabberd problems (quite some time ago though), I would also check that your proxy rules in nginx are good and check all your log files for any errors (probably worth setting ejabberd to debug output to check). Also in the one attempt I made with spectrum, I never got it to work sensibly (so I gave up) :)

Hope that helps, but check you logs to see any failures on connection attempts.



On 10 Jul 2010, at 13:41, ZHENG Tiancong <tiancong.zheng at telecom-bretagne.eu> wrote:

> Hi guys, 
> I am new to ejabberd, I tried to use ejabberd with spectrum(version 0.2) and nginx(0.7.65) and iJab(iJab V1.0 beta3-2) in Ubuntu 10.04. I am using ejabberd version 2.1.4 (x86 Linux), which I downloaded from http://www.process-one.net/en/ejabberd/downloads. Now my iJab can connect to ejabberd by http_bind through nginx. But the problem is that the plate-form is unstable. It is difficult to connect to ejabberd, usually I have to tried several times. And sometimes, my client will offline. I don't know whether this is the problem of ejabberd, as I don't know much about ejabberd. Anyone have an idea? Any idea will be great help to me. 
> Tiancong 
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