[ejabberd] Cluster problem with mod_shared_roster

Matias matiassurdi at gmail.com
Wed Jul 28 15:31:01 MSD 2010


I'm running ejabberd 2.1.4 in a two node cluster. They run perfectly, I 
can connect to a node and chat with another user on the other node, 
everything works perfect.

The problem arises when I setup shared groups with mod_shared_roster: 
After doing that, on one of the nodes everything works fine, but users 
on the second node isn't getting the buddy list. This is not a client 
user as I've tried with several ones.

Also, debbugging the xmpp conversations (pidgin --debug) I see that the 
client that is not getting the roster list is getting presence 
notifications although, for example:

(13:28:10) jabber: Got presence for unknown buddy marta at example.com on 
account ted at example.com/sddf (0x10125bf50)

Any help will be appreciated.

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