[ejabberd] problem with s2s (close in wait_for_stream)

Vyacheslav Karpukhin vyacheslav at karpukhin.com
Fri Jun 18 00:40:02 MSD 2010

George Hazan <george.hazan <at> gmail.com> writes:

> VK> then remote server tries to resolve SRV record,  and if it fails -- 
> VK> tries to connect to the domain itself.
> You cannot be connected directly to a domain :) domains don't support the
> XMPP protocol.

i understand. what i meant was "to proceed it uses domain itself 
rather than it's SRV"
> VK> anyway, i'm 100% sure that's not the problem -- otherwise, problem would
> VK> be consistent.
> As I said, it might depend on a server. One ejabberd will try to connect to
> another ejabberd on port 5269. Another servers might fail.

i use ejabberd 2.1.4 on both servers ("local" and "remote"), both servers 
didn't have SRV records until few hours ago. nevertheless, sometimes
they were able to connect to each other, and sometimes -- not.
i think that excludes theory about problem with DNS resolution.

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