[ejabberd] ejabberd and http-bind - optimization tips

Badlop badlop at gmail.com
Thu May 6 18:52:00 MSD 2010

2010/5/5 sofia cardita <sofiacardita at gmail.com>:
> What is the best setup for an ejabberd server that only serves through http?
> What kind of things should I look out for? Currently we're serving through
> nginx and we notice the server gets slower as more clients add up, even with
> a small number of clients, eg. 20. This is really bad so what should be done
> to avoid this?

Disclaimer: I know little about BOSH protocol, its ejabberd implementation,
or how to improve its performance.

You have:
1. BOSH client: ...
2. HTTP server: Nginx
3. BOSH service: ejabberd_http_bind inside ejabberd
4. XMPP server: ejabberd

If you ran out of ideas for improvements in those programs,
you can experiment with others:

2.b. Use mod_http_fileserver, maybe it has better performance

3.b. Use Punjab or other external BOSH service, maybe it has better performance.

If you try anything of this, probably other administrators (in the
future) will be
happy if you share your results: what give you better performance, and worse?


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