[ejabberd] ejabberd and http-bind - optimization tips

Christopher Zorn christopher.zorn at gmail.com
Thu May 6 19:00:30 MSD 2010

2010/5/5 sofia cardita <sofiacardita at gmail.com>

> Hi again :)
> What is the best setup for an ejabberd server that only serves through
> http? What kind of things should I look out for? Currently we're serving
> through nginx and we notice the server gets slower as more clients add up,
> even with a small number of clients, eg. 20. This is really bad so what
> should be done to avoid this?
What version of ejabberd are you using? The newest 2.1.x has performance
improvements to BOSH.

If you have the newest you shouldn't see a slowdown on 20 connections. It
could be something else causing the issues.

Are you using it for IM or something else? Do you see the same problems with
20 regular connections?

> Thanks,
> Sofia Cardita
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