[ejabberd] clients with slow connections

Brian Cully bcully at gmail.com
Thu May 6 21:45:07 MSD 2010

On 4-May-2010, at 07:38, sofia cardita wrote:
> I have a new strange issue. I've noticed that with clients that have a lower connection (1.7MB) the web client seems a bit slow. Basically, if the client sends a message, he has to wait some 3-5 seconds before its resent by the server to everyone but if the client send a new message, and then someone else send a message as well, then the receiving of his first message is much quicker. So basically if the client receives a new message, then the message he sent also goes through the system that much faster. This doesn't happen if the client has a faster connection (3.5 for example).
> Do you have any idea why that could happen? I'm not really sure if the problem is in the ejabberd server or the web client and any pointers would be great.

	This is probably an issue with the BOSH end of things in the browser. I see similar behavior, even on fast local connections, when I use Safari, for instance. Basically, the BOSH client (Strophe.js, in my case) will hold on to the message to send for some reason. When a message comes in from the server, though, the client connections are cycled in the normal BOSH style and that causes strophe to flush out what it was holding.

	I never did figure out why this was happening, but in newer versions of strophe there's a "flush" function, which I call whenever a message is sent to insure that it gets delivered in a timely fashion, and that fixed my issue. It's not an ideal solution, but it works for me.


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