[ejabberd] Process count on ejabberd

Hendrik Muller hendrik at nimbuzz.nl
Thu May 20 17:22:36 MSD 2010

Hi All,

I've got a curious situation.
We've noted that, over a 6 week period, the process count on our 
ejabberd nodes slowly kept increasing - from 20k processes up to 60k 
processes per node. The user sessions on each node haven't varied a lot, 
but the process count kept rising.
I did a quick

     lists:foreach( fun(Pid) ->
                V = erlang:process_info(Pid, [registered_name, 
current_function, status]),
                io:format("~p = ~p~n",[Pid, V])

on a node. Most of the processes in the list simply showed something 
like "<5123.16898.7971> = [{registered_name,[]}, 
Has anyone else come across this, or have some advice on how to solve 
this mystery ?


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