[ejabberd] Limiting muc participation to only allow one connection per member

Aaron Brashears aaron at stageit.com
Wed Nov 3 21:51:55 MSK 2010

Hello. I would like to set up an ejabberd instance which only allows
one connection to a room per bare jid. I would like it so that when a
member connects a second time to the same room, the old session is
dropped and the new session successfully connects and gets the
requested nick if it collided with the previous session. I have
thought of a couple of ways to potentially accomplish this:

* Modify mod_muc such that it detects bare jid collisions and kicks
the old session. I am not sure if this will allow me to easily
accomplish nick possession since the room state will contain both jids
during the kick.
* We are doing pre-negotiated bosh sessions on the server so during
that negotiation, the negotiator could ask for a room list and kick a
session it finds. This solution suffers from race conditions around
nick possession.

Is there an easier way to accomplish this? Has anyone done this?

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