[ejabberd] TURN configuration ?

tom at diogunix.com tom at diogunix.com
Tue Nov 30 02:47:29 MSK 2010

Hi @all and greets to everybody
(as I'm new to the list),

I currently run an experimental setup of ejabberd 2.1.5 with MySQL and 
trying to explore the options.

What I could not figure out is:
Is there this time an option to also run a TURN service provided by ejabberd 
or additional tools ? So far, I'm successful with STUN only.

My final goal was to route audio/video calls and file transfers over the 
server (not peer-to-peer) and also encrypt it. Even, this time there seem to 
be no standard conform options for encyption of out of band data, TURN at 
least was one step on that road ...

kind regards

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