[ejabberd] mod_shared_roster_ldap not sending presence messages

Theo Cushion theo at jivatechnology.com
Wed Sep 8 16:17:37 MSD 2010


I'm having a bit of trouble with mod_shared_roster_ldap. I have 2  
groups of users:

  - normal
  - admin

I want all users to be able to receive the presence of the admins, but  
don't want admins or normal users to get the presence of other normal  

Using mod_shared_roster_ldap I have setup the admin group. Any user  
that logs in can now see the admin group. However, only members of the  
admin group will actually receive the presence messages.

Is this be design, or have I setup my configuration wrong? It seems  
counter intuitive to display a shared roster to a user when the  
presence messages will not be received for that group. I'm using the  
Deep DIT structure and my config looks like:

   { mod_shared_roster_ldap, [
     { ldap_base,                 "dc=theo-template,dc=local" },
     { ldap_user_cache_validity,  "0" },
     { ldap_group_cache_validity, "0" },
     { ldap_filter,               "" },
     { ldap_gfilter,              "(&(objectClass=groupOfUniqueNames) 
(cn=%g))" },
     { ldap_rfilter,              "(objectClass=groupOfUniqueNames)" },
     { ldap_ufilter,              "(&(objectClass=inetOrgPerson)(cn= 
%u))" },
     { ldap_groupdesc,            "description" },
     { ldap_memberattr,           "uniqueMember" },
     { ldap_memberattr_format,    "cn=%u,ou=users,dc=theo- 
template,dc=local" },
     { ldap_userdesc,             "cn" },
     { ldap_auth_check,           off }



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