[ejabberd] probleme with ejabberd + spectrum + msn gateway

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Thu Sep 9 18:57:23 MSD 2010

Hi all,
(first of all, sorry for my english)

I tell you quickly my problem :

I have a jabber's server (ejabberd 2.14) wich run fine : I can speak with
other guy wich are logged on other server than mine. (I can see the

Now, I would like to add the gateway msn messenger with Spectrum (because we
tell me "pymsnt is no longer supported")

First question : am-I in the good forum to ask this kind of question ?

If yes, I continu, if no, don't throw me rock, please give me a link of
another forum :)

So, I made a file msn.cfg in /etc/spectrum
but I'm not sur of my config (even with the spectrum documentation)

# enable this spectrum instance

# one of: aim, facebook, gg, icq, irc, msn, myspace, qq, simple, xmpp, yahoo

# component ip

# if use_proxy is 1, the http_proxy env var will be used as the proxy server
# for example export http_proxy="http://user:passwd@your.proxy.server:port/"

# component JID

# component secret

# component port

config_interface = /var/run/spectrum/$jid.sock

# IP:port where filetransfer proxy binds to. This has to be public IP.

# IP:port which will be sent in filetransfer request as stream host.

# admin JIDs - Jabber IDs of transport administrators who have access to
admin adhoc commands
# separated by semicolons
#admins=admin at example.com;foo at bar.cz

# directory where downloaded files will be saved

# URL used to acces filestransfer_cache directory from the web.

# name of transport (this will appear in service discovery)
name=Msn transport

# default language

# transport features separated by semicolons
# combination of: avatars, chatstate, filetransfer
# if commented, all features will be used
# This variable is DEPRECATED and will be removed in future versions. Use
[features] instead.
#transport_features = avatars;chatstate;filetransfer

# if vip_mode is 1, users are divided to 2 groups according to 'vip'
database field

# if vip_mode is 1, you can set transport to be availabe only for VIP users
by setting only_for_vip to 1.

# if vip_mode is 1 and only_for_vip is 1, users can connect from these
servers even they are not VIP.
# This feature is useful, if you want to enable transport only for users
from your server, but also want
# to give access to VIP users from other servers (for example from GTalk)
# seperated by semicolons

# transport features separated by semicolons which will be used for VIP
# combination of: avatars, chatstate, filetransfer
# if commented, all features will be used
# This variable is DEPRECATED and will be removed in future versions.  Use
[vip-features] instead.
#vip_features = avatars;chatstate;filetransfer

# pid file

# require_tls to connect legacy network

# Set to 0 to disable transport registration to everyone except
# people from host from allowed_servers list.

# You can override username registered by transport user. This is useful
# for example if you want to let users to register only their Facebook name
# and internally connect them to facebook_name at chat.facebook.com.
# $username variable is replaced by username which has been registered
# by particular user.
#username_mask = $username at chat.facebook.com

# Label used to described username field in registration form
username_label = Live Passport

# This variable overrides default instructions text in registration form.
instructions = Type your live passeport name here:

# Transport features, all features are enabled by default.

# Transport features for VIP users, all features are enabled by default.

# log file, needs to be unique for each spectrum instance

# log areas
# combination of: xml, purple

# mysql or sqlite

# hostname (not needed for sqlite)

# username (not needed for sqlite)

# password (not needed for sqlite)
# sqlite: set path to database file here
# mysql: set to name of database
# table prefix for multiple transport instances sharing the same database

# avatar, vcard, roster storage
# needs to be unique for each spectrum instance


precision : when I type "msn.mondomaine.fr" in firefox I go in my index.php.
(so msn.mondomaine.fr exist )
May I need to configure some vhosts in httpd.include ?

I had this in ejabberd.cfg:

{{5347, ""}, ejabberd_service, [
                                        {access, all},
                                        {host, "msn.mondomaine.fr",
[{password, "meme_que_dans_ejabberd"}]}


This is what I have for (/var/log/spectrum/msn.log) when I had an existing
live messenger account

[09/09/10 10:33:49] <XML OUT> <iq to='msn.mondomaine.fr'
id='uid:4c888b2d:2463b9ea' type='get' from='msn.mondomaine.fr'
[09/09/10 10:33:49] <XML IN> <iq from='msn.mondomaine.fr' to='
msn.mondomaine.fr' id='uid:4c888b2d:2463b9ea' type='get'><ping
[09/09/10 10:33:49] <XML OUT> <iq to='msn.mondomaine.fr'
id='uid:4c888b2d:2463b9ea' type='result' from='msn.mondomaine.fr'
[09/09/10 10:33:49] <XML IN> <iq from='msn.mondomaine.fr' to='
msn.mondomaine.fr' id='uid:4c888b2d:2463b9ea' type='result'/>
$er:iq:register'><username>adresse.insc at hotmail.fr
[09/09/10 10:33:59] <GlooxRegisterHandler> test_tam at mondomaine.fr/Jappix:
iq:register received (set)
[09/09/10 10:33:59] <XML OUT> <iq type='error' from='msn.mondomaine.fr' to='
test_tam at mondomaine.fr/Jappix' id='discovery-46'><error code='406' typ$
[09/09/10 10:33:59] <XML OUT> <iq to='test_tam at mondomaine.fr/Jappix'
id='discovery-46' type='error' from='msn.mondomaine.fr'
[09/09/10 10:33:59] <RegisterExtension> deleting RegisterExtension()

What I must do to figured out the problem ? I don't know where to find.

Thank's for your reading.

details about configuration :
CentOs 5
all is on the same ip : ejabberd, spectrum
did I have to made some subdomain like im.moindomaine.fr,
msn.mondomaine.fr? if "yes" did I have to change <virtualhost> conf ?
Did msn messenger request some specific ID to use their gateway ?
Did in config file is normal ?

Thank you for your future help
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