[ejabberd] probleme with ejabberd + spectrum + msn gateway

Badlop badlop at gmail.com
Sat Sep 11 00:17:42 MSD 2010

For reference:
That same question was posted in http://www.ejabberd.im/node/4279

Disclaimer: I never installed Spectrum, and my last transport
installation was years ago.

2010/9/9 adresse.insc at gmail.com <adresse.insc at gmail.com>:
> First question : am-I in the good forum to ask this kind of question ?
> If yes, I continu, if no, don't throw me rock, please give me a link of
> another forum :)

You can also ask in some Spectrum forum/mailing list. When solved,
remember to reply with your solution in all the forums where you
posted the question. Other admins in the future will like your reply.

> # one of: aim, facebook, gg, icq, irc, msn, myspace, qq, simple, xmpp, yahoo
> protocol=msn

> # component JID
> jid=$protocol.mondomaine.fr
> # component secret
> password=meme_que_dans_ejabberd
> # component port
> port=5347

> <code>
> {{5347, ""}, ejabberd_service, [
>                                         {access, all},
>                                         {host, "msn.mondomaine.fr",
> [{password, "meme_que_dans_ejabberd"}]}
> </code>

All that configuration and the logs you showed seem correct.

> #enable_public_registration=1

Maybe you have to enable that option?

> precision : when I type "msn.mondomaine.fr" in firefox I go in my index.php.
> (so msn.mondomaine.fr exist )
> May I need to configure some vhosts in httpd.include ?

No. From what I know, the MSN protocol is unrelated to HTTP.
Probably you see a page in port 80 because Spectrum provides an admin
site, like ejabberd and other servers?

> This is what I have for (/var/log/spectrum/msn.log) when I had an existing
> live messenger account
> <code>
> [09/09/10 10:33:49] <XML OUT> <iq to='msn.mondomaine.fr'
> id='uid:4c888b2d:2463b9ea' type='get' from='msn.mondomaine.fr'
> xmlns='jabber:component:ac$

This demonstrates that ejabberd and Spectrum are correctly linked.
Obviously, as both programs are in local machine, that didn't need any
DNS setup.

> [09/09/10 10:33:49] <XML IN> <iq from='msn.mondomaine.fr'
> to='msn.mondomaine.fr' id='uid:4c888b2d:2463b9ea' type='get'><ping
> xmlns='urn:xmpp:ping'$
> [09/09/10 10:33:49] <XML OUT> <iq to='msn.mondomaine.fr'
> id='uid:4c888b2d:2463b9ea' type='result' from='msn.mondomaine.fr'
> xmlns='jabber:component$
> [09/09/10 10:33:49] <XML IN> <iq from='msn.mondomaine.fr'
> to='msn.mondomaine.fr' id='uid:4c888b2d:2463b9ea' type='result'/>
> $er:iq:register'><username>adresse.insc at hotmail.fr</username><password>pass_secret_msn</password></query></iq>
> [09/09/10 10:33:59] <GlooxRegisterHandler> test_tam at mondomaine.fr/Jappix:
> iq:register received (set)
> [09/09/10 10:33:59] <XML OUT> <iq type='error' from='msn.mondomaine.fr'
> to='test_tam at mondomaine.fr/Jappix' id='discovery-46'><error code='406' typ$
> [09/09/10 10:33:59] <XML OUT> <iq to='test_tam at mondomaine.fr/Jappix'
> id='discovery-46' type='error' from='msn.mondomaine.fr'
> xmlns='jabber:compone$

Error 406 usually means "Not Acceptable".

Maybe your Jabber client doesn't perform the registration correctly,
or maybe it sends some additional queries that aren't necessary/acceptable.
To know if the problem is in your server or in the client,
you can experiment with other well known clients: Psi, Gajim, Tkabber, ...

> [09/09/10 10:33:59] <RegisterExtension> deleting RegisterExtension()
> </code>
> What I must do to figured out the problem ? I don't know where to find.

You may want to know what element first returns an error. Some ideas:
* does MSN server return error to spectrum?
* does MSN server return anything at all to spectrum?
* does MSN server return success to spectrum, but spectrum returns 406
to ejabberd?
* does spectrum not even try to connect to msn server, and only returns 406?
For that investigation you can use network sniffers like Wireshark, tcpdump, ...

> did I have to made some subdomain like im.moindomaine.fr, msn.mondomaine.fr

I think no need, but you can try to add msn.mondomaine.fr to your DNS server.

> ? if "yes" did I have to change <virtualhost> conf ?

I think no. At least in the old pymsnt transport, HTTP server wasn't required.

> Did msn messenger request some specific ID to use their gateway ?

> Did in config file is normal ?
> # component ip
> server=

I think it's normal.


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