[ejabberd] More logging from mod_muc

Aaron Brashears aaron at stageit.com
Tue Sep 21 22:03:33 MSD 2010

Hello all.

I have written a new muc implementation based on ejabberd 2.1.5 and a
with little help from modular_muc. One of our needs is to scrape
connect/disconnect information which can be tied to a uniquely
identified user. For this, I rewrote the message passing to include
the user JID when available.


It can be enabled with some simple configuration change:

-    {mod_muc,  [
+    {mod_muc_ext,  [


-    {mod_muc_log,  [
+    {mod_muc_log_ext,  [

Everything seems to work and there is one little thing that bothers me
about something I found in ejabberd_admin.erl. Around line 422, there
is the line:

module_tables(mod_muc) -> [muc_room, muc_registered];

Do I need to do something in my module to declare usage of those
tables? Was it a band idea to rename the module to mod_muc_ext?

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