[ejabberd] Shared Rosters and presence

Theo Cushion theo at jivatechnology.com
Wed Sep 22 16:17:18 MSD 2010

On 22 Sep 2010, at 13:04, Konstantin Khomoutov wrote:

> On Wed, 22 Sep 2010 11:01:00 +0100
> Theo Cushion <theo at jivatechnology.com> wrote:
>> I have setup 2 shared rosters as follows using the web interface in
>> ejabberd:
>> name: everybody
>> members: @all@
>> displayed groups: admins
>> name: admins
>> members: a at foo.com
>>                    b at foo.com
>>                    c at foo.com
>> displayed groups: -empty-
>> Now when I login in as a, b, or c they can all see each others
>> presence. However logging in as anyone else I get sent the roster
>> "admins", but do not received the presence of a, b or c.
> Try adding "everybody" to the list of displayed groups of "everybody".

This works, but means that everyone can see everyone else's presence  
(I do not want by default normal users being sent the presence of  
other normal users)

> Actually admins should probably have "everybody" and "admins" in their

Adding just everybody to the admins group means that both admins and  
normal users can see admins online. However, it also means that admins  
get the presence of every single online user - which in my application  
is also undesirable.

Adding admins to the admins group doesn't alter the behavior from the  
original setup at all.

It just seems strange that you can be displayed the admins group as a  
normal user, and have the subscription set to both - but not receive  
presence unless we make all normal users visible to the admins.

> displayed groups.
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