[ejabberd] mod_shared_roster_ldap with deep DIT configuration

Igor Shipenkov ishipenkov at gmail.com
Mon Sep 27 11:10:38 MSD 2010

I have trouble with mod_shared_roster_ldap. I setup it with official
manual from http://ejabberd-msrl.alioth.debian.org/doc/0.5.3/msrl.html
When I setup it for flat DIT, everything works ok. We have complex
structure and I want to setup it for deep DIT, but when I try this
with example from manual, I get clear roster.
in http://www.ejabberd.im/node/4216 problem seems to be the same -
setup for deep DIT and nothing in roster.
In log I see that ldap search filters works and get responses from server
Config now is exactly the same as in manual (with our local names for
ou's and dc's of course):

        {ldap_base, "ou=all_users,dc=domain,dc=local"},
        {ldap_rfilter, "(objectClass=group)"},
        {ldap_filter, ""},
        {ldap_gfilter, "(&(objectClass=group)(cn=%g))"},
        {ldap_groupdesc, "displayName"},
        {ldap_memberattr, "member"},
        {ldap_ufilter, "(&(objectClass=person)(cn=(.*)))"},
        {ldap_userdesc, "displayName"}

I try cn=%u instead of cn=(.*) but result is the same.

May be documentation is wrong and setup for deep DIT must be different?

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