[ejabberd] hierarchical MUC refactoring

alexej textonpc at gmail.com
Wed Sep 29 11:29:25 MSD 2010

We are trying to refactoring the ejabberd mod_muc in order to handle a sort of 
hierarchical MUC: 

"rooms will be hierarchically related, so the user logging in one room will be 
visible in the ancestors rooms and will see users presence from the descendants 

This is the main concept.

Practically, when a user is logging into one room, must send presence stanzas to 
the ancestors rooms, and must receive presence stanzas from the users in the 
descendants rooms.

Which are the mod_muc functions sending presence (available and unavailable) 
stanzas to the logged users?

How can I retrieve the list of logged JIDS given a room JID?

I am studying the mod_muc source, do u have some suggestions? Is it feasible do 
do it?


Alexej, Italy

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