[ejabberd] external component

Mohsin muhammad.mohsin at tradekey.com
Mon Apr 4 12:15:40 MSD 2011

Daniel Dormont <dan <at> greywallsoftware.com> writes:

> Hi all,
> I'm starting to develop an external component using the Java Whack and Tinder
> I have managed to register the component using the service listener and I have
it configured as a "logger"
> under mod_service_log. Packets are being delivered correctly, but I see that
the packet is enclosed in a
> "route" tag before it's sent out. May I ask why that's done?
> I'm asking because as best I can tell this "route" tag isn't part of the XMPP
standard and the Java APIs choke
> on the packet. I'm working on modifying them to unwrap the "route" tag but I
was wondering if there's a way to
> tell mod_service_log not to send it in the first place.
> thanks,
> Dan

Hi Dan;

I want to know how to got your service to listen to the ejabberd as I have been
trygin to do this in java also by listening on port 5526, I am not that good at
java and i want to knwo how to register my service my ejabberd conf is :

{5526, ejabberd_service, [{ip, {10, 0, 3, 164}}, {access, all}, 
                  {hosts, ["trademate.ejabberd"]},
[{password, "secret"}]]},

{mod_service_log,[{loggers, ["trademate.ejabberd"]}]},

I know tha ti must resister "trademate.ejabberd" somehow but i dont know how,
can you please guide me here and see if i am configuring the module right


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