[ejabberd] Advice on clusterization

Mickaël Rémond mickael.remond at process-one.net
Tue Apr 5 21:40:26 MSD 2011


There is no such routing translatin service ready made, but it could be
developed based on ejabberd API.
However, I fail for now to understand what you are trying to achieve. I
think you do not share enough details about the end result.

Mickaël Rémond

2011/4/5 franz <francesco.angi at gmail.com>

>  Dear all,
> I'm here to ask some advice on a ejabberd clusterization.
> My requirements are having a set of users connected to the cluster and
> chatting into a set of muc's.
> As both users and muc rooms can be a lot, my plan is as follows:
> - the cluster is composed of some vhosts, each one with its conference
> service, communicating each other through s2s;
> - a user will log into a vhost, choosed randomly by the client (I'm
> developing it too);
> - after a login, a user can enter a muc room, possibly located into a vhost
> other than the one the user is logged in. The client can state a muc's
> actual location simply querying a lookup table.
> My concern is about the lookup table: is it really necessary? It would be
> nice if the vhost where a user is logged in could route the messages to the
> vhost the muc resides. In this way a client could simply send the messages
> addressed to a muc to its vhost, letting the vhost "discover" the real muc's
> location and routing the messages accordingly.
> So what I ask is: is there any of such "route translation" service into
> ejabberd?
> Of course if you have any other advice about my architecture it would be
> welcome.
> Regards,
> franz
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