[ejabberd] Strange MUC behavior

Sylvain Niles sylvain.niles at gmail.com
Wed Apr 13 03:21:25 MSD 2011

We're seeing some strange MUC behavior:

server1 & server2 = example.com
User1 logs into server1 and creates mucroom1
User2 logs into server2 and joins mucroom1
server1 goes down
User1 reconnects to server2 and rejoins mucroom1 (works fine
User2 types chat messages into mucroom1 but they show up as system messages
to User1 and User2 sees no new messages for mucroom1
User2 rejoins room and behavior returns to normal.

I would expect User2 to get some sort of error or a forced rejoin to the MUC
instead of having to manually detect that a problem is occurring and
rejoining. Any ideas on why this happens and how we can fix?

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