[ejabberd] Looking for ejabberd guru for large-scale project

Siobhan Hamilton siobhan at pluggedin-tech.com
Sun Apr 17 17:04:39 MSD 2011

Thought I'd see if there's anyone here on the forums that would be interested in joining a cool startup project that needs an XMPP/ejabberd expert... (Disclaimer: though this is a startup, we are very serious about paying people well for their expertise)
Brief description of what we are doing:
We are building a presence-based networking site using a combination of Java Web Services and XMPP for back-end functionality.
We are looking for an XMPP AND ejabberd expert to help architect the following functionality:
- Create/maintain relationships between users using simple and nested roster lists
- Build large network of MU Chat Rooms
- Track "friend" location, activity, mood, etc (personal eventing)
- Specific online presence/invisibility options
- Jingle functionality (specifically for streaming p2p media)
- Instant messaging with rules and filters available for delivery
We are currently developing Android, desktop and web portal clients for the application. Ejabberd is already running with our system and supporting other functions; has been well setup by another developer. Production-level experience in Java (Sprint 3, Hibernate, JSP, and Java destkop/UI), MySQL, and/or JavaScript a plus but not required.
Please email me if interested!  
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