[ejabberd] Problem installing ejabberd from source + odbc

Badlop badlop at gmail.com
Mon Apr 25 14:20:21 MSD 2011

2011/4/25 Julien Genestoux <julien.genestoux at gmail.com>:
> Just as an FYI, the problem was introduced _after_ the tag for 2.1.6.
> This exact same configuration I use works fine with that version of the code
> :)

In my test server, ejabberd 2.1.x with Erlang R14B02 and mysql starts correctly.

You suspect a bug was introduced in a commit between v2.1.6 and
current 2.1.x HEAD.

I've considered that the bug may be in the subdir src/odbc/
But there are only two relevant commits, and they only affect MSSQL
and comments:

$ git log v2.1.6..origin/2.1.x odbc/
commit 4f1ececbd17cdc6ff19a42d5c7cacb32744800c7
Author: Badlop <badlop at process-one.net>
Date:   Thu Apr 14 23:11:37 2011 +0200

    Try to improve support for roster_version in MSSQL (EJAB-1437)

commit fd52f2cb7d9d79287002959bd2d7d2c675fc3f0e
Author: Christophe Romain <christophe.romain at process-one.net>
Date:   Mon Feb 14 13:50:55 2011 +0100

    update copyright up to 2011


So, if the bug was introduced, then it may be outside src/odbc/

Right now only you can reproduce the problem.
You can use "git bisect" to determine what exact commit introduces the bug.

Quick tutorial:

STEP 1 in SHELL 1:
cd ejabberd/
git checkout 2.1.x
git bisect start
git bisect bad
git bisect good v2.1.6

STEP 2 in SHELL 2:
cd ejabberd/src
./configure .......
ejabberdctl start
... test if it works

STEP 3 in SHELL 1:
if it worked, then run: git bisect good
if it crashed, then run: git bisect bad

Repeat steps 2 and 3 until git tells you what commit seems problematic.
Assuming your suspicion was correct, you should find such problematic commit.


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