[ejabberd] ejabberdctl get_vcard _or_ set_vcard still not working for me in 2.1.6

Badlop badlop at gmail.com
Mon Aug 1 21:47:48 MSD 2011

2011/7/31 Franky Orson <franky.orson at gmail.com>:
> ejabberd at chat-server:~$ ejabberdctl get_vcard Frank chat-server.com nickname
> Problem 'error badarg' occurred executing the command.
> Stacktrace: [{io_lib,format,["~s","E"]},
> ejabberd at chat-server:~$ ejabberdctl set_vcard Frank chat-server.com nickname
> Franky
> Problem 'error {badxml,
>                    {xmlelement,"vCard",
>                        [{"xmlns","vcard-temp"}],
> [[{xmlelement,"nickname",[],[{xmlcdata,"Franky"}]}]]},
>                    {{case_clause,
>                         [{xmlelement,"nickname",[],[{xmlcdata,"Franky"}]}]},
> Whether I specify nickname in lowercase or uppercase, it does not change a
> thing.

Sorry, I have no clue why it fails for you.

I try with ejabberd 2.1.6, and mod_admin_extra compiled from SVN.

First of all I create an account and set a nickname using Tkabber. Then:

$ ejabberdctl get_vcard User1 odbc.localhost NICKNAME
$ ejabberdctl set_vcard User1 odbc.localhost NICKNAME nickanem222
$ ejabberdctl get_vcard User1 odbc.localhost NICKNAME


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