[ejabberd] performances

Konstantin Khomoutov flatworm at users.sourceforge.net
Tue Aug 2 17:14:08 MSD 2011

On Tue, 02 Aug 2011 14:29:37 +0200
Henri Gourvest <hgourvest at gmail.com> wrote:

> > So connect to google servers if you have such problems.
> This is not an acceptable answer and It is not an option for me, I
> need to use xmpp for RPC in a closed network. I already found an open
> source faster server, but before making a choice I need to understand.
> > I personally don't have those problems.
> Good, on which version and which platform are you using ejabberd ?
> Have you changed something in configuration file ?
> I have tested on windows with the latest official release.
Quick connect test to 2.1.5 on Debian Squeeze:
~% cat /tmp/test.tcl
set a [clock microseconds]
set sock [socket localhost 5222]
set b [clock microseconds]
puts [expr {$b - $a}]
~% tclsh /tmp/test.tcl

836 usecs is kind of fast (notice that it's not plain C which would cut
this number significantly).
Hence at least you should explain what "slow connect" means for you.

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