[ejabberd] performances

Henri Gourvest hgourvest at gmail.com
Tue Aug 2 17:33:29 MSD 2011

> Quick connect test to 2.1.5 on Debian Squeeze:
> ~% cat /tmp/test.tcl
> set a [clock microseconds]
> set sock [socket localhost 5222]
> set b [clock microseconds]
> puts [expr {$b - $a}]
> ~% tclsh /tmp/test.tcl
> 836
> 836 usecs is kind of fast (notice that it's not plain C which would cut
> this number significantly).
> Hence at least you should explain what "slow connect" means for you.


Thank for your anwer, but the connect time is not the problem.
The problem is the time that a messages take to be transfered from a 
client to another. Especially and IQ response.

Thanks for your time.

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