[ejabberd] xml-not-well-formed error

Alexander Kuleshov kuleshovmail at gmail.com
Mon Aug 15 12:06:05 MSD 2011


I run ejabberd and bot written with exmpp.

I send the same type commands from client. And when i send this
command many time i get error:

=ERROR REPORT==== 2011-08-15 13:47:09 ===
** State machine <0.483.0> terminating
** Last event in was tcp_closed (for all states)
** When State == stream_closed
**      Data  == {state,digest,
                     {{jid,<<"test at localhost/exmpp#1313415875595930">>,
** Reason for termination =
** tcp_closed

In what may be the reason? First 20 - 30 command bot answer and then
it crash with this error.

Thank you.

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