[ejabberd] ejabberd and users XMPP commands ACL

Mehmet Özdemir mehmet at pardus.org.tr
Wed Aug 24 16:53:53 MSD 2011

> Hi list,
> There are some XMPP commands available in ejabberd to list, create and
> delete user accounts, which is great.
> But these are only granted to ejabberd admin users. So my question is
> pretty simple:
> How can I do to authorize certain user accounts to use these commands
> without giving them the full admin rights?
> Thanks,


I am doing like this:

- Create an admin user
- Write a bot
- Bot opens a stream with admin account
- Users send commands to the bot
- Bot checks (authorizes) if that user has a right to do related task
  - If it has then executes the command
- Return result to the user

In this case you can use a simple text file for checking user rights if there 
are few users. If you have lots of users you can try to use a database in the 
bot side.

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