[ejabberd] ejabberdctl update issue when running on long node names on Ubuntu

Daniel Dormont dan at greywallsoftware.com
Fri Dec 16 21:58:41 MSK 2011

I have two nodes, one with ejabberd 2.1.5 on Ubuntu 11.04 and another with
ejabberd 2.1.6 on Ubuntu 11.10. Both are running with long node names such
as ejabberd at 10.0.0.whatever as specified in /etc/default/ejabberd. I'm able
to run most ejabberdctl commands through sudo without any issues. But for
some reason, update isn't working any more. For example,

sudo cp mod_something.beam /usr/lib/ejabberd/ebin/
sudo ejabberdctl update_list

this will print nothing, even if mod_something.beam is a new version of an
existing loaded module. Or with loglevel set to 5 it prints

=INFO REPORT==== 16-Dec-2011::13:54:18 ===
D(<4662.5817.1>:ejabberd_commands:314) : Executing command
ejabberd_admin:update_list with Args=[]
** at node ejabberd at **

but nothing more. But running ejabberdctl debug and doing l(mod_something)
inside there seems to work.

Is this expected? Where can I look for a cause here?

As far as I can tell this worked fine until I switched to long node names.

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