[ejabberd] Best performance and others

Anto potxoka at gmail.com
Wed Dec 21 13:51:03 MSK 2011


I'm new to ejabberd and I have some doubts. I will try to deploy
multiple servers (8 in total) and divided into zones dns. I wanted to
know if I can make recommendations for better performance. Do I use
Mnesia to systems or can be a problem to work well? Is there a system
to balance servers without using dns?

Also I have some doubts in the implementation. Users will have
accounts of the company and not be able to connect to external
servers, but if you want to connect to msn and facebook. Can you set
to chat with your contacts without adding or register existing
account? I mean, work with your existing account and contacts. Users
can have some kind of alias or similar, I wanted to know if there is
any module, but to implement some kind of function that accomplishes
this. Thank you very much.


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