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دموع القمر moon.tearz.sy at gmail.com
Wed Dec 21 19:46:04 MSK 2011

about MSN , Facebook i think you mean transport so you can try spectrum im (

about dns , i don't know :) i'm new too


2011/12/21 Anto <potxoka at gmail.com>

> Hello
> I'm new to ejabberd and I have some doubts. I will try to deploy
> multiple servers (8 in total) and divided into zones dns. I wanted to
> know if I can make recommendations for better performance. Do I use
> Mnesia to systems or can be a problem to work well? Is there a system
> to balance servers without using dns?
> Also I have some doubts in the implementation. Users will have
> accounts of the company and not be able to connect to external
> servers, but if you want to connect to msn and facebook. Can you set
> to chat with your contacts without adding or register existing
> account? I mean, work with your existing account and contacts. Users
> can have some kind of alias or similar, I wanted to know if there is
> any module, but to implement some kind of function that accomplishes
> this. Thank you very much.
> Regards,
> Anto
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