[ejabberd] What to do for S2S to Gtalk

Santiago Gaviria sgaviria at gmail.com
Thu Feb 3 16:20:37 MSK 2011


I've read that s2s to Gtalk works out-of-the-box with ejabberd; I've also
read in the guide about s2s configurations. However I still don't get how to
initiate a connection with an external server, Gmail in this case, and what
is it that I get from then on.

After the connections is established, is it then possible for a user to
connect to her Gtalk account thru ejabberd's BOSH connection, and receiving
Gtalk's roster?

I'm sure it would be of great help to many people out there trying to do the
same thing, if we've got a more detailed description of how this connection
is achieved configuration-wise, especially with self-signed certificates.

Maybe all of this is pretty straightforward, but I'm completely new to
ejabberd and Jabber in general.


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