[ejabberd] Massive Hosting in eJabberd 3.0

Tim Evans tim.evans at junctionnetworks.com
Fri Feb 11 20:39:31 MSK 2011

Hey all,

I was taking a look at the MH feature in 3.0.x, and was doing some tests to see how it performs. Memory seems to be eaten up in O(n) time with an increase of about 2MB per virtual host. Our investigation into providing a massive (~10000) number of virtual hosts for eJabberd2.x.x shows similar results. Will MH be set to be able to scale out to thousands of domains on a single eJabberd instance, or are my findings somewhat naive (may I be missing some configuration parameters, or is there missing code)?

Attached you will find a log of memory usage while allocating domains via `ejabberdctl host_register DOMAIN` hook.


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