[ejabberd] Ignore group disappearing

Konstantin Khomoutov flatworm at users.sourceforge.net
Thu Feb 17 03:25:59 MSK 2011

On Wed, Feb 16, 2011 at 11:22:35PM +0000, Phil Reynolds wrote:
> >Just add these users to a suitable privacy list (possibly creating one
> >if needed), denying everything for any of them.
> >How to do this, heavily depends on the client you're using.
> I hadn't actually realised that Psi had a feature for this until
> just now. Thanks for the hint. Although probably just a bit harder
> than the old way, it is probably more fool-proof.
To alleviate this problem, XMPP WG now has a draft extension "Simple
Communications Blocking" [1] which, I beleive, is designed to be a
"no-brainer mode" for privacy lists.

The problem is that ejabberd does not implement this (but the supposedly
working patch exists [2]) and I'm also unsure about support in clients
(Tkabber's development version (that is, unreleased) supports it, Psi
most probably does not support it, may be Psi+ and Gajim do... Better
ask in jdev at conference.jabber.org room).

1. http://xmpp.org/extensions/xep-0191.html
2. https://support.process-one.net/browse/EJAB-695

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