[ejabberd] Subdomains Authetication!

Henrique Fernandes sf.rique at gmail.com
Mon Feb 28 18:39:18 MSK 2011

Helo people, i am new at the list and with ejabberd!

Where i work we are tryng to setup and IM. But with gonna have lots of users
conected and the passowrd has to be the same of the email plus we have LOTS
os subdomains!

So here is my question,

How do i configure ejabberd to authenticated subdomains ?

Here is how my work is doing!

I already configured the ejabberd to exterauth. it is already working! The
problem is, if i set in {hosts ["all", "my", "host"} it will open one script
for each subdomain, and we have about 70 subdomains. It takes lots of
resources from the machine. Plus my script autenticated any subdomain!

So i just need to configured the ajabberd to authenticated subdomains.

Any help

I tryed route_subdomains local, but i did not work.

I set the host example.com

And if i try conect an user with  a.example.com it says "host unknow"

Thanks for all and sorry about my english!!

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