[ejabberd] Subdomains Authetication!

Armando Di Cianno armando.dicianno at gmail.com
Mon Feb 28 19:01:47 MSK 2011

On Mon, Feb 28, 2011 at 10:39 AM, Henrique Fernandes <sf.rique at gmail.com> wrote:
> I already configured the ejabberd to exterauth. it is already working!

Glad it works! In the long run, you may want to consider implementing
your auth scheme by adding a new auth module to ejabberd - for e.g.,
try copying the pam one ejabberd_auth_pam.erl, it's pretty simple, and
you'll find less weird behavior over all. YMMV with extauth, but for
me while it worked as advertised, there were too many quirks,
especially regarding timeouts and disconnects followed by

> So i just need to configured the ajabberd to authenticated subdomains.

You could have the auth module enact different behavior based on the
host it was started on. When you configure per-host settings for any
module, it will start a process for each host, so you will have the
particulars like the domain name available. (This has been my
experience, someone correct me if I'm fudging the intricacies.)

> problem is, if i set in {hosts ["all", "my", "host"} it will open one script
> for each subdomain, and we have about 70 subdomains. It takes lots of
> resources from the machine. Plus my script autenticated any subdomain!

I have a script that generates the files for my servers, for all the
virtual hosts / domains. The result resembles the following

 * Extremely minimal ejabberd.cfg - a "default" domain setup for admin
purposes, but barely any modules turned on. Script generates the
{host, ...} entry.
 * The bottom of ejabberd.cfg looks like the following:
   > {include_config_file, "/etc/ejabberd/HOST_A/all.cfg"}.
   > {include_config_file, "/etc/ejabberd/HOST_Z/all.cfg"}.
 * Most of my "hosts" have sub-sub-domains, ergo the "all.cfg" file
that includes even more. E.g. all.cfg:
   > {include_config_file, "/etc/ejabberd/HOST_A/demo.cfg"}.
   > {include_config_file, "/etc/ejabberd/HOST_A/test.cfg"}.
   > {include_config_file, "/etc/ejabberd/HOST_A/staging.cfg"}.
... not all my hosts have this, but most do.
 * Then, in the actual, really-this-time config files referenced in
the step above, I do my per-host configuration.
 * I wish I knew how to refactor out the {hosts, ...} line out of the
main ejabberd.cfg file, but I do not.
 * I wish I could rely on the DB more, and not just the config files,
but the admins here don't like that idea (*sigh*).


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