[ejabberd] many muc-rooms per node

小华 newsqzh at gmail.com
Fri Jan 14 09:16:15 MSK 2011

hi there,

we are currently stresstesting our MUC-deployment in ejabberd and have
some "issues" with nodes that have "many" (several ten-thousand) MUC rooms.
nodes that do not have as many rooms seem to be a lot more responsive
and generally
act as expected. so here is some questions that i hope someone will
be able to answer:

1 how are rooms distributed in a cluster?
2 how many rooms should a node be able to keep?
3 can "many rooms" slow down a node?
4 is it "expensive" to create a room?
5 does it make a difference whether i create 10000 rooms at once, or
with 2 seconds delay, each?
6 is it better to keep "fluent" rooms persistent or create them
everytime "on join"?
7 is there any way to use mysql for muc module?because i want to ctrl
the chatserver by database.
it would be nice if some people would share their experience with big
muc-deployments as well.

thanks a lot in advance,
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