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Cook, Sean D (Genworth) sean at thecookfam.us
Sun Jan 16 05:28:09 MSK 2011

We are considering replacing our openfire infrastructure with ejabberd.  The one thing that is holding us back is that we need a DMZ forwarding component that will actually terminate the connections in the DMZ versus simply passing the connection through the DMZ to our internal server.  I have been looking at some posts in the past that are related to frontend / backend servers with node_type:

{5222, {frontend, ejabberd_c2s}, [
			{access, c2s},
			{shaper, c2s_shaper},
			{max_stanza_size, 65536}

 - {node_type, generic}. Normal ejabberd behavior.
  - {node_type, frontend}. The node becomes a frontend node. Basically
it handles client connections (parsing included). When a requests
arrives it is delegated in a backend node.
  - {node_type, backend}. The node focus on session management and routing.

I have a couple of questions in dealing with this configuration:

1.  How does the frontend recognize the appropriate backend system?
2.  What mnesia tables (if any) need to be replicated?
3.  Has anyone found a good documentation source that provides some insight with this type of configuration?

Thank you in advance for any information.



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