[ejabberd] Is it possible for anonymous users to have temporary rosters?

blackcode at speedpost.net blackcode at speedpost.net
Sat Jan 22 17:27:39 MSK 2011

I've setup ejabberd with two hosts. One host is used by staff, and the
other one is used for guests (anonymous users). All the staff users have
each other in their roster.

What I'm trying to do now is to set it up such that when an anonymous
user logs in, he has one random online staff user in his roster. Is this
currently possible using any existing modules or will I have to write a
custom one?

If I do have to write a custom one, is it gonna be too much work? I
don't know anything about Erlang or even the XMPP protocol for that
matter but I usually don't have much problem in picking up a new

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