[ejabberd] Is it possible for anonymous users to have temporary rosters?

Badlop badlop at gmail.com
Tue Jan 25 01:57:36 MSK 2011

2011/1/22  <blackcode at speedpost.net>:
> I've setup ejabberd with two hosts. One host is used by staff, and the
> other one is used for guests (anonymous users). All the staff users have
> each other in their roster.
> What I'm trying to do now is to set it up such that when an anonymous
> user logs in, he has one random online staff user in his roster. Is this
> currently possible using any existing modules or

Such a specialized behavior is not implemented in ejabberd,
and I am not aware of any existing module that implements it.

> will I have to write a custom one?


> If I do have to write a custom one, is it gonna be too much work? I
> don't know anything about Erlang or even the XMPP protocol for that
> matter but I usually don't have much problem in picking up a new
> language.

I perceive that question as a

By reading the next line, you implicitly agree to not expect more
replies from me.

Developing that module would require some work: not impossible, but
not trivial either.


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