[ejabberd] A couple of questions before switching to jabber

Alexander Schröter accounts at computational-chemistry.org
Thu Jan 27 16:35:04 MSK 2011

Hey guys

I am sick of having all the different clients and accounts at all the different 
servers and keeping my devices syncronous. So I thought why not make the hole 
thing easier and use jabber for everything from now on. I am somewhat familiar 
with the concept behind transports but I am not sure if ejabberd can do all 
that I would like to use. So I thought ask the guys that should know!

Question 1:
Since I have many Devices (which I sometimes use parallel) I would like to 
connect to the same account from different clients and see all the chat history 
on the later connecting client. Is that possible?

Question 2:
Can I connect to one IRC Channel via XMPP with different Jabberclients and have 
the same irc account?

JabberCli1 + JabberCli2 --- connect to ---> "Virtual" IRC Channel on ejabberd 
Server --- connected to ---> IRC Channel on IRC Server

Question 2b:
When I disconnect with the Jabber Clients ... can I tell the Server to keep 
the Connection to the IRC Server Open ... sort of like a bot which I can 
connect to?

I hope I make some sense :)

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