[ejabberd] A couple of questions before switching to jabber

Jan Hruban hrubi13 at gmail.com
Thu Jan 27 17:10:41 MSK 2011

> Question 2:
> Can I connect to one IRC Channel via XMPP with different Jabberclients and have
> the same irc account?
> JabberCli1 + JabberCli2 --- connect to --->  "Virtual" IRC Channel on ejabberd
> Server --- connected to --->  IRC Channel on IRC Server
> Question 2b:
> When I disconnect with the Jabber Clients ... can I tell the Server to keep
> the Connection to the IRC Server Open ... sort of like a bot which I can
> connect to?

For the IRC, rather try some IRC bouncer, like ZNC http://en.znc.in

It serves it's purpose well, has lot of features accomodated to IRC and 
you can connect to it with you jabber transport as well.

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