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Aamir Khan ak4u2009 at gmail.com
Fri Jul 1 00:31:31 MSD 2011

I want to setup Ejabberd chat server for private network. I have intranet
and i am running ejabberd server in one of the server in private network. I
have configured it to work perfectly on local network but now i want to
extend its functionality to be able to chat with gmail, facebook,
jabber.organd other friends. I started to make it work with
jabber.org first. When i add some new friend somefriend at jabber.org to my
private network jabber id and tries to debug, it says *Received XML on
stream = " "*.

I am using {loglevel, 5}.  and *netstat -taupen | grep 5269* shows a
ESTABLISHED connection with which is indeed IP address
of jabber.org. So the connection with jabber.org is established but i am not
getting any response from the remote server.

Here is my ejabberd.cfg : http://pastebin.com/AXyCj9e3

Here is relevant entries in ejabberd.log : http://pastebin.com/ruZj38Uv

Aamir Khan
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